Neurodevelopmental Support & Optimization

AIMS Global has revolutionized the way therapy for children diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is offered. We are a company that specializes in training au pairs, nannies and parents to become therapists for children diagnosed with ASD as an affordable and sustainable option. We provide online and in-person support by either training your helper or nanny and providing you with a dedicated online therapist or we place a highly trained therapist in your home to work with your child. We believe that a complex disorder, such as ASD, can be supported and optimized in an affordable, yet effective manner that is easier for families to maintain. ABOUT AIMS


The focus of AIMS Global is to provide high-quality support services that are affordable, effective and practical. We train helpers, nannies and parents to generalize skills learnt from either an online or placed therapist. The focus here is to create sustainable options for families.


To provide affordable support services to families with a child diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders by placing dedicated therapists to conduct sessions online or in person. Parents, therapists or nannies can complete accredited training courses.


AIMS Global strives to understand, accept and optimize individuals diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders. We believe that anyone can support a child if you dedicate time in learning about the child’s interests and strengths with online or in-home support.


Directors, Karla Pretorius and Nanette Botha, have developed a support system according to the needs of individuals with specific learning patterns. Karla and Nanette have done extensive research with adults diagnosed with ASD and related disorders to establish a program that is appropriate, accepting and stimulating to enhance learning opportunities.

AIMS is an awareness and interest-based approach that works with children and adults diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders. The focus of AIMS is on teaching concepts, rather than individual skills. AIMS is a holistic approach that addresses all areas of an individual’s development.


Services For Parents

We have various options to assist your child diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder as well as your entire family.

Services For Therapists

For passionate therapists that have experience in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders.


We have created various options according to our clients’ and their children’s needs. We have dedicated our lives to creating a support system that is effective, practical and affordable.

Best Service

We believe quality programs are crucial for any client to continue making progress. We do not believe one size fits all. Individual programs are created for each client and continuously updated.

Experienced Therapists

Our therapists are highly trained individuals with education and practical experience in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders, psychology and/or special needs teaching.

Supervised Programs

ALL our programs are supervised to ensure continuous updates to goals and creative strategies being implemented throughout sessions.

Affordable & Effective

Our options fit your child’s needs, but also your needs as parents. Our services are research-based and we receive input from a multidisciplinary team of professionals and neurodivergent adults.


Karla/ Director & Co-founder

Karla is one of the two directors of AIMS Global and co-developer of AIMS support system.

Nanette/ Director & Co-founder

Nanette is one of the two directors of AIMS Global as well as the co-developer of AIMS support system.

Regine/ HR Manager

Regine leads the AIMS training for therapists, parents, nannies and au pairs and also works as the company's HR Manager.


We want families and professionals to know what we have acquired through years of working and learning from our clients.
To new beginnings!

To new beginnings!

At AIMS we decided that we needed a well-deserved break

Let’s relate to Sammy and Kim!

Let’s relate to Sammy and Kim!

How does Sammy see the world?


Let’s relate with *Stephen

Let’s relate with *Stephen

Becca (*Stephen)

How does your child see,


"AIMS gives hope for us as parents. We can see real progress with our son that we never saw before. We believe that AIMS continually gives the best programs to improve our son’s behavior as well as his speech/speaking ability."
INDONESIA Mom of a son diagnosed with ADHD (3yrs old)
"I was skeptical at first, but my child has taken a keen interest in his online therapist. She is able to do lessons with him and provide us with the feedback on how to generalize this to our home environment."
SINGAPORE Mom of a son diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (7yrs old)
"We have constant chats with our online therapist and she helps guide us to implement strategies that are practical."
INDONESIA Dad of a son diagnosed with ASD and sensory processing disorder (5yrs old)
"Our therapist is fun and interactive. My son wants to constantly go see if his therapist is online. It has been a fun way of learning for him and us."
CAMBODIA Mom of a son diagnosed with ADHD (8yrs old)
How do you find AIMS in-home therapy with your child? The therapy at home with AIMS have been so effective and of course continously making a significant progress for our son. Especially during this pandemic where our son couldn’t go to normal school, AIMS could make a day become very efficient by giving valuable material on therapy sessions.
Indonesia Mom of a son diagnosed with ASD (3yrs old)
"We have switched from having therapists come to our home, due to Covid-19, to online services. It was difficult at first, but now it seems as though the therapist is with us all the time. We are receiving a lot of insights from our supervisors too."
Singapore Mom of son undiagnosed (4yrs old)
"Loving the games they (therapist and daughter) play online. It’s fun and interactive and they are always working on my daughter requesting more vocally. So happy that technology has evolved this much for us to have this service available."
MALAYSIA Mom of a daughter diagnosed with PDD-NOS (5yrs old)
"The best thing about the online service is that when we thought we wouldn’t have any support, we do and it’s affordable!"
INDONESIA Dad of a son diagnosed with ASD (4yrs old)
"He can request what he wants now, he can eat independently and engage more with his sisters. He is also starting to play with his toys."
INDONESIA Mom of a son diagnosed with ASD and sensory processing disorder (4yrs old)
"We are happy to see our son enjoy his sessions with his teacher. His teacher is a caring person who always brings a fun atmosphere during the therapy sessions. My son is learning fast as he is enjoying the time with his teacher."
MALAYSIA Mom of a son diagnosed with ODD (5yrs old)
Does the therapist provide enough strategies for you to follow through at home? Yes, our therapist been working so hard to make sure that our son is making a good progress. He always communicates with us and discusses the program that AIMS created for our son.
Indonesia Mom of a son diagnosed with ASD (3.5yrs old)
Do you feel that it has made a positive impact in your child's and family's life? Yes, we are now feel more confident to our son. He could do a lot of things that he couldn’t do before. AIMS definitely gives us hope to see a better future for our son.
Indonesia Mom of son diagnosed with DS (4yrs old)
We highly recommend AIMS to be a part of your “special need” kid’s journey. Their program will make a big progress for our kids and help them to live independently.
Cambodia Mom of son undiagnosed (3yrs old)