Our Autism Journey

A Whirlwind Week (And A Half) – Entry #17

March 9, 2017

I need to catch a breath.

I didn’t mean to wait so long before writing again, but so much has happened and my thoughts have been all over the show!

Okay, the previous time I wrote, Joe had just had his last day at his playgroup and the next day we went for the assessment. Well, that did not go as expected, I have to admit…
When Joe got up that morning, I explained to him that we will be going to a different school that day and that he can just have fun and play around at the new school. I also told him that I will stay at the school with him. Joe was NOT happy to say the least. To make a long story short, I ended up buckling a screaming child into his carseat and unbuckling a still screaming child in front of Miracles ABA centre. I felt helpless! While sitting on the pavement, trying to help Joe calm down, I ended up spotting a tap just inside the school gate and picked Joe up to go and show him the tap. I rang the bell at the gate and a therapist came to open right away. Joe was still screaming, but when I turned on the water, he held out his hands, letting the water run through his fingers…and he stopped screaming…

By that time Sarah and a handful of other therapists were standing outside, they have obviously been waiting for us to arrive and they were ready for the assessment to get started. I told them that it had been a crazy morning and that Joe may need some more time to get organized first.

The therapists smiled at one another as if they were thinking “oh, we deal with this all the time”.

Now fast forward a bit until we get to today. It’s been a week since the assessment and Joe has just had his third session at Miracles. He’s got one again on Friday and then he is starting a full week starting next week. He is still screaming every morning until we get to the tap and then he stops when I open the water. But this afternoon his lead therapist told me that we need to start working on getting him to come into class without going to the water first so on Friday I am expected to drop him off and then leave and they will take him to his class.

I have my doubts about this arrangement, but let’s see.