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We are extremely excited to announce our updated and comprehensive support services that are all clearly explained in our renovated website: 

Here you will find the following services that might be the ideal fit for your family.  Just to give you a short summary of what we offer our families now at AIMS Global: 

  1. Full online services – where you receive a dedicated therapist online that can conduct sessions with your child and include all developmental concepts within fun and interactive activities and games.  All we require is a therapy partner who can help guide your child through these activities.  We offer comprehensive training (that is accredited through IBCCES) to the therapy partners to equip them with any and all tools they might require to help guide your child.  Remember, the therapy partner can be you, a current nanny or au pair.  The success with this type of support has been evident in the numerous testimonials we have received from our current clients.  Here are a couple that we are truly thankful for and the reason why we want to support more families with this type of service: 

“AIMS gives hope for us as parents.  We can see real progress with our son that we never saw before.  We believe that AIMS continually gives the best programs to improve our son’s behavior as well as his speech/speaking ability.” -Mom of a son diagnosed with ASD (3yrs old, Indonesia).  

“I was skeptical at first, but my child has taken a keen interest in his online therapist.  She is able to do lessons with him and provide us with the feedback on how to generalize this to our home environment.” -Mom of a son diagnosed with ASD (7yrs old, Singapore) Mom of a son diagnosed with ASD (7yrs old, Singapore) 

“Our therapist is fun and interactive.  My son wants to constantly go see if his therapist is online.  It has been a fun way of learning for him and us.” -Mom of a son diagnosed with ADHD (8yrs old, Cambodia)

Here is a link for the online services:

  1. Placed therapists – as the leading organization with this revolutionary approach of placing trained therapists in your home, we continue to offer this type of support for our families.  Due to current travel restrictions, we have created a different approach where we train local experienced therapists to avoid parents waiting for months to receive a therapist from abroad.  

Here is a link for the placed therapy options:

  1. Training workshops – we have created various 1-5 day workshops to fit each family’s or organization’s needs.  These training workshops vary in topics from: 

-Creating the perfect environment at home for learning conducively 

-Concept learning – the rationale behind this theory and the various important concepts to focus on

-Profiles: creating various profiles for your child, such as a behavioral, communication and sensory profile (that actually support an increase in communication and interaction) 

-Daily lesson plans and conducting sessions yourself, at home, with your child 

-Behavior and coping strategies – practical solutions 

-Many, many more topics to choose from to fit your child’s needs.  

Here is a link to our training page:

We hope you are just as excited as us to start the journey in supporting your child and family on this journey.  We are always stronger together.  

Have a great week and speak soon! 

Karla and the AIMS Global team.

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