Autism, Employment and Being Female

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Sarai Pahla is one of AIMS Global’s autistic advisors. She is a wealth of inspiration and knowledge when it comes to anything autism, medical, and the combination of these complex topics. Sarai studied to be a medical doctor and in this interview, she shares why having meltdowns at work forced her to look for a job where she could optimize her skills.

Sarai speaks of how to manage someone during a meltdown, what not to do and why she will never allow herself to have another meltdown publically.

Sarai also speaks of relationships and friendships and what makes these situations easier and shares tips for employers and partners to take note of. This is if they want to have the privilege of working with someone on the autism spectrum or as a friend or partner, date an autistic person.

Thank you, Sarai, for always being so open in sharing your personal experiences and providing practical strategies for parents and autistic individuals that will help them cope in their life a little easier and a little better.

We love you at AIMS Global!

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