D-Day – Entry #9

I feel good this week. Feeling productive and work is picking up again too. It’s amazing how I always felt that my friends’ lives changed when they got married and had children. I always thought that’s all they talk about and now I find myself in the same shoes. I want to talk about Joe ALL the time. Not just what worries me, but also how cute he is. How much fun he has with the strangest parts of toys. I have to remember to note down some of his cute mannerisms too. I definitely don’t want to become someone that focuses on the “negatives” more so than seeing the beauty in each situation – or most, I should say.

So, I have decided I will only go see one pediatrician – Dr. Brown has been recommended online by a few parents and she seems to understand learning difficulties and specializes in finding solutions (well that’s what her website tells me). My appointment is for Friday – so a couple of days to prepare Joe and myself. Ryan phoned and said he wants to join me for the appointment! That was a bit of a surprise, but I must admit a welcoming one. We have always had a close friendship bond – even before we started dating when we were young and I feel I can be myself with him. Although it seems he doesn’t always “like” me for who I really am, at least he doesn’t seem to judge my actions too much.

The Dr’s secretary just told me to be at the appointment 15 minutes before to fill out some forms and she asked for my medical insurance. She didn’t ask me to prepare anything for the meeting, but knowing Joe and his dislike of new places, I will pack a few things. I was thinking of some of his favorite toys, crunchy snacks as this seems to decrease his grinding and some activities for him to do if he has to wait. He also really likes toys that he can squish and pull, so I created a kind of “chill bag” for him that he can take with him wherever he goes.
That should be enough. Oh and a visual schedule – I started writing down what will happen each day and it seems to also calm Joe a bit when he knows what is expected of him for the day. I haven’t been able to help him with changes in this schedule though as it still seems to upset him when we can’t go out to the park, due to the weather or my schedule. I will think of a plan later.

Tired now, night.

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