Effective & Affordable Therapy – is that even possible?!

Does your autistic child need support?

Are you skeptical about online therapy?

Do you want to see proof that it works?

We want to introduce you to Sana- a mom that was just as skeptical, but started with online therapy from AIMS Global. Her son, Mustafa was diagnosed at age 5, in 2020.

He has received a year of online therapy and in Sana’s own words:

“The program is made keeping in view my son’s interest and the activities are so much fun. My son really enjoys his sessions. I am very happy with my son’s progress. Most of his behavior issues are resolved. He is continuously showing improvement in his social interaction and communication. He has become more independent with his daily chores. This program has also helped him in his academics. His gross motor and fine motor skills have shown remarkable improvement. He has become more aware of his surroundings. He is well aware of his emotions and experiences. And he tries to regulate his emotions accordingly. The therapist also provides strategies for me to follow through at home.”

Is there anything else you want as a parent? This option is much more affordable than therapists who charge per hour!

So, what do you need to help your child TODAY:

1. Therapy partner – this can be a mom, au pair, or nanny

2. Willingness to support your child effectively in becoming more aware, communicative, and independent

3. An internet connection – we will do the rest! Our therapists are trained through accredited training programs, they have years of experience working with children diagnosed with autism and they understand how to keep your child motivated.

Click on the link below and get your free e-book today! https://aimsglobal.ck.page/605b99e009

You can also email us for a free consultation call: hello@aimsglobal.info

Click here to watch Nanette read the beautiful testimonial.

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