What does AIMS stand for and are you accredited?
AIMS stands for Awareness, Interests, Movement and Sensory support system. We have included some of the most important aspects regarding learning not just in our name, but also in our programs. We believe that if an individual is happy and positively stimulated, he or she will learn naturally. We are definitely accredited, not only by the years of experience that we have, the training courses and degrees that we have obtained, but also through IBCCES (www.ibcces.org) which is an accreditation organization and board of professionals that have approved our training courses and programs.
What’s the best time for my child to start therapy?
Immediately. The reason you are on this page, looking at these questions, means that you know this too. We do NOT advocate for 40 hours of 1:1 table-top activities and repetitive “drills”, but we DO advocate for support, not only for your child, but your family. We have witnessed, first hand, what a difference a holistic support system can make for families that are feeling overwhelmed by a possible diagnosis and various suggestions by professionals they have only met for an hour. Ultimately you know what is best for your child and we respect your decision in this completely. We have families that will ask for more courses or hours of therapy than what we suggest and that works for us too, seeing that our therapists have fun, implementing concepts that are needed for each child in a practical and effective way.
Will my insurance cover therapy?
This depends on your medical aid, the plan you are on and the country you reside in. The majority of our therapists are trained in ABA and this can be shared with the insurance companies.
Are you HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant?
We use HIPAA compliant platforms for all our services. We schedule video calls through Google Meet and share confidential information through Google Drive. We have signed a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) with Google that ensures all the information we gather and share with families or therapists are according to the HIPAA rules and regulations. We will send more information on all the ways we ensure confidentiality when we share the contract with clients to commence services.
Can I speak to a family that has utilized your services?
Of course. We would need to get written permission from the family member, but we have a list of clients that have indicated they are more than happy to speak to anyone that is considering our services. We also have many testimonials of families and professionals that we are happy to share with you.
What is the most effective form of therapy?
It’s nearly impossible to answer this question, but we want to assure you that we completely understand not all children are the same and have the same needs. Most of our children do exceptionally well with online services, whereas others require a therapist in-person. Realistically this question should be answered by you, where you take in consideration not only your child’s specific needs, but also your family’s needs. It might be ideal for most families to hire a full-time live-in therapist, but not financially feasible and thus online therapy and full-spectrum courses might be the best option for you. Remember we can help you train your current au pair or local therapist to keep costs lower. This person can guide your child, while the online therapist does therapy. We want to help you find the solution that works for you, as a family unit, and that solution does not always mean the most expensive therapy for the most amount of hours...
What is the process of hiring a therapist?
We are waiting for your email to let us know you are interested in support services. We will then schedule a free conference call with one of our senior management team members. You will be asked to send through your child’s latest reports, some videos (through a secure platform) and any information about your child’s specific needs that you feel is important for us to know. We will carefully select potential therapists for your child and you will receive their introductory video as well as their profile (CV). You can interview the candidates and choose who is best for your child. It’s important for you, as the parent, to be part of the process. Once you have chosen your therapist we can either start with online therapy or you can apply for a work permit for your therapist. Supervision starts immediately and your child will have an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) within a week of starting with his/her therapist. If you choose to complete the online courses, we will send through a list of course topics that you can start with as early as today!
I’m a qualified therapist - how do I become part of AIMS?
Welcome! We are excited for you to apply to join our team. Please send your CV to hello@aimsglobal.info and a team member will be in touch with you. We offer online training to all interested candidates. Once you get chosen for training, we will send through an information sheet to let you know how and when training will commence.
Do you offer training or workshops to organizations or professionals outside of AIMS?
Yes. We offer organization-specific workshops to centers, schools and professionals all over the world. We conduct online workshops to keep fees affordable. Please send us an email with the heading “Workshop enquiry” to hello@aimsglobal.info. Please provide as much information on the type of training you require. Most of our training sessions are done by Karla Pretorius and Nanette Botha, the two directors, but we do offer recorded training sessions (at a lower rate) for organizations and professionals that are in need of training, yet working within a budget.
How long does an AIMS program run for?
Our programs are individualized and goals are therefore child-specific. We do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach and therefore we do not have a timeframe (or a time limit) for our programs. We usually sign an initial contract for at least 6 months and this contract is then extendable. We have online courses available that range from 3 days to 8 weeks and the amount of support for these varies. Enquire with us about the courses and we will send you a list of available topics!
What if my child gets too dependent on his/her AIMS therapist?
It often happens that the children become very close to the therapist that works with them. However, one of the concepts that we work on throughout each program is increasing independence as soon as possible. This involves gradually fading out the support that the therapist provides in order for the child to become more independent. If you have your own therapist (or if you as the parent are conducting sessions) we will help guide you through our online courses how to decrease dependency and increase functional skills and independence as soon as possible!

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