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FREE (high-quality) resources!

July 3, 2020

What is the first answer you get (usually) when you ask a question to a friend or your children?  “Just Google it”, right?  Although Google has opened up so many avenues for us to explore new and novel knowledge and information, we also need to be careful what we take as fact or what we utilize and apply in our own lives.  At AIMS we decided we will dedicate many hours to create high-quality free resources for our families and anyone else that might find these useful.  

When a parent would ask us for specific information or resources, we would usually do an in-depth search (on Google, yes) and filter through what we believe are the most appropriate and best resources to create a list for them.  We then decided, let’s bring out original content that will help parents immediately, as easy as a click and a subscribe! 

So, without further ado, here are some of our best free resources available for you today: 

  1. Our website (click here) – we are updating our website, as we speak (or read) and this new and refreshed page will be shared as soon as possible, but the address won’t change, so my advice is, have a look at it now and we will let you know when the new page is up and running! 
  2. Our Facebook page (click here)  – we include new ideas for families and share various videos, resources and ideas on a daily basis on our Facebook page.  You don’t want to miss out on this – we have a great sense of community there and it’s an excellent platform for you to ask a question to the management team or a therapist for ideas with your child.  
  3. Our Instagram page (click here) – if you are more interested in beautiful photos and videos with quick descriptions of activities to do with your kids – this is the platform for you.  We have a big number of followers there who all share ideas and ask questions that we try and answer to the best of our abilities with a fun and interactive game or activity for their kids.  We would love to hear your questions or stories! We also have questions that you can choose to answer if you have a look at our IG stories.  We gain more information this way to serve our community of parents better 🙂 
  4. Sammy and Kim’s YouTube yoga series (click here) –  Sammy is one of our beautiful kids diagnosed with ASD who has a full-time live-in therapist, Kim.  We absolutely love this pair as they are not only besties, but also provide us with the cutest yoga videos that we can all join in.  If you have a child that enjoys movement (and maybe needs to work a little bit on inhibition control), give this series a try! We would also really appreciate a “like”, “subscribe” and “share” as we are now in the position to build our YouTube following, thanks to all the amazing content we are providing.  Thank you for your support here! 
  5. Pretty’s DIY YouTube series  – this is another amazing series that we have recently released.  Pretty, who not only does her name more than justice, is also an energetic team player of AIMS that will most definitely get you to want to create these projects.  She provides a question from a parent and then creates a resource in under 5 minutes.  You surely don’t want to miss this easy to follow and do series.  

I think that’s all for now – we have other platforms that we work from, such as LinkedIn, but I’m sure you will find these resources to be more than sufficient for now.  Please do remember that we can tailor-make these videos for your needs – so don’t be shy to send us an email with a request.  We receive plenty of emails and we pride ourselves to get back to each one.  Here is our email address again:  Let us know how you are getting on with these resources too! 

Have a productive or relaxed day, or anything in-between!