Happy Mother’s day, sometime this month :)

We all at AIMS Global would like to send a short note of gratitude to all the lovely Mothers out there.  You are doing a fantastic job that you didn’t sign up for.  We know how easy it is for us to tell you how much we love your children and how amazing they are doing and progressing.  We also know that it is not that easy for you to recognise all of these small victories as you are constantly worried about his or her future.  You are looking ahead and you only want what is best for your child.

Thank you for going the extra mile – reading this blog series shows that extra bit of dedication you have to understand your child better and also to do anything in your power to help him or her.  Even though we definitely don’t have all the answers, we do see all the efforts our parents are making to stay positive, learn about therapies that would not be part of your extracurricular activities otherwise and also constantly being flexible with new advice or suggestions from people that you might not know very well.

If there is one wish from all of us at AIMS Global that we can give to you today, it will be to take a day off.  Try not to worry about the future of your beautiful son or daughter for today.  Put yourself first today and do anything and everything that will give you some peace to know that what will be will be.

We are always here to listen to a story or a rant, if needed 🙂 We also have a group of amazing parents that are willing to share their stories – to know that you are not alone on this journey, even though it might feel like an extra bit of isolation most of the time.

Let us know, but first, do that meditation you always have to pause. There is a support system out there for you.  Keep the faith and trust that not worrying for today will have no long-term effect, because honestly, it won’t.


The AIMS Global team

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