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How to explain Covid-19 to your child on the autism spectrum? Part 3 (of 3)

May 8, 2020

This will be just a short ending to our 3-part blog series explaining how we manage the current restrictions due to Covid-19 (don’t worry, we have lots more to share soon).   I wanted to end this blog of with an example of one of our amazing kids we work with:

He is quite social and loves to go on outings.  He is verbal and able to state what he wants, but struggles at times to state what he is feeling and why.  He loves sending videos and anything really to do with his iPad.  

His therapists explained to him that there is a virus going around.  They then did a research project on what a virus is (age-appropriate information). They created a poster and he drew various viruses.  He then started doing research on Covid-19 (remember to keep your Google search on “child-friendly”).  He wrote down (with some help from his therapist) the current statistics and they did a few maths problems.  He started to understand why it was important to wear a mask, gloves and to stay indoors.  His therapist asked him if he wanted to help others he knew about this newly learnt information and thus, we are receiving quite a few videos on how to wash our hands, stay safe and rather focus on cooking 🙂 

That is just one example and I totally understand that each child is different and might not be at his level of understanding.  The important thing is here to think of your child, his or her interests and how they will understand this very bizarre situation.  

Please send through ideas that you came up with to explain to your child – I would LOVE to read about these: 

We are all holding thumbs that this lockdown subsides soon and we can focus on more outdoor activities!

As always, we are here to answer any specific questions you might have.  Stay safe, keep calm and take it easy.  

Our next blog topic is an interesting and fitting one: Online therapy: what does it entail?

Chat soon,