Our Autism Journey

I’m Feeling Quite Lonely – Entry #5

September 24, 2019


I have always found it really easy to make friends. Even when I was travelling all over the world, visiting different countries, staying for a few weeks and then moving on to the next adventure, I never felt lonely. I would find a place to stay, go out for dinner (on my own) and meet new people almost right away. I was always ready to have fun and I suppose that helped me to meet like-minded people.

The one thing I did notice was that it seemed to be easier to make friends with men, rather than women. They asked less questions, often lived in the moment and did not try and judge everything someone said or did. I liked that.

When I settled down with Ryan, my adventures also stopped and when I had Joe, I was content to just be with him. I did get to know some ladies who had babies that were close in age to Joe and that was nice to have someone to chat to and meet up with every now and then. With the kids still being babies, our conversations often involved baby-things and everything that goes with it. But when the babies turned into toddlers, conversations started moving towards what each child could do, how they met their milestones early, how many words they were saying and how they were potty trained even before they turned 2 and blah blah blah…I just couldn’t bear it any longer. That was when I realised that these ladies weren’t going to stick around for me, it seemed like I was on my own…

…and it seems like I still am…

I’m going to bed – we’ll catch up again soon.