Increase indoor time – what do we do?

We are pretty sure everyone is tired of speaking about lockdowns and restrictions, so we are going to steer clear of speaking about these “unprecedented times”.  Let’s focus on what we can do if we are still spending more than usual hours at home, indoors.  

We have found 5 games that our kids at AIMS Online love playing inside with their therapy partner, together with their online, dedidated therapist.  Have a look below and click on the links should you want these games delivered to your door – ready for pizza and game night on Friday! 

  1. The Floor is Lava

This is definitely a game in which the entire family can join in.  

Ask your dedicated therapist to help your child understand the rules and include some visual rules and strategies to help him/her out.  It can then be generalized to your therapy partner easily and later to the entire family on a fun, Friday evening! 

Remember to send through videos of your family playing the game together – we would love to see the smiles all around! 

  1. Punching bag for kids

We all need a way to let some of our frustrations out, just like our kids! Most of our kids at AIMS Online have a “chill space” dedicated for them to go to whenever they feel they need a break (we also let them know when we believe they might need a break or two).  Some of our kids don’t feel like “chilling” and would rather punch or kick a few pillows and thus, we have included this punching bag for kids in our top 5 indoor games.  

Try it out and maybe take turns as I honestly believe punching a bag here and there can do all of us a bit of good 🙂 

  1. Indoor darts 

This can be a hit or a miss for our kids.  Some children love playing darts and will enjoy trying to become more accurate and others prefer to move on to the next game.  

Maybe try darts online before you invest in buying one for the home?  

Please do send us photos of your child hitting the bull’s eye! At AIMS Online, we love playing darts on both sides of the screen 🙂 Many of our therapists will have similar games that they can play while your child is playing on the other side – keeping games fun, interactive and social.  

  1. GIANT 4-to-score game

We absolutely LOVE giant games at AIMS Online.  It keeps our kids entertained and will usually elicit pretty cool comments from our dedicated therapists, the therapy partners and of course, our awesome kids! 

Please try these types of games out – this is another way your child can learn a fun game and then generalize this activity to the entire family.  

Indoor trampoline

Anyone that knows us, knows that at AIMS Online we love movement and sensory breaks.  What better way to support your child’s sensory and movement needs by having a small trampoline in your home?  

According to research, we all need a short “brain break” every 15-20 minutes (depending on our age and the activity we are engaged in), but imagine going for a quick jump a few times per hour with your child – you might start enjoying it more than him or her! 

There are literally hundreds of amazing toys and activities that we can write about, but we wanted to keep it short and practical for now.  We will definitely provide more ideas as we continue writing our blogs. 

Thank you for reading and please do continue to stay in touch! 

Karla and the team!

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