It has (finally) arrived!

We at AIMS Global are super excited to be the first to share the all new SENSORY BACKPACK from the Adapt Sensory Range!

Why is the Adapt backpack needed?

Our children diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), sensory
sensitivities or another neurodiverse diagnosis, often do well within their home or school environment, provided that they are supplied with appropriate coping skills that really work for them. However, many of our children find the unexpected, ever-changing environment outside of their homes, to include an overwhelming amount of sensory input that they have to deal with, often to the point where they are not able to cope on outings and in everyday activities.

Being trained in different therapeutic modalities and then creating our own
support system for children diagnosed with ASD, we have observed the
difference it makes if a child is equipped with suitable coping mechanisms
to help him or her stay regulated throughout the day. We strive to understand, accept and support children diagnosed with ASD, enabling
them to explore and expand on their strengths and interests
in a functional and organized manner.

Why is the Adapt backpack a game-changer?

The Adapt backpack addresses different sensory needs by providing the following:
*Tactile input
*Auditory input
*Proprioceptive input (deep pressure and chewing)
*Visual input

By having the above-mentioned sensory needs addressed, the child is supported in being regulated, enabling him/her to face the environment and even learn from it, in an organized manner. It therefore reduces the risk of the child becoming overwhelmed and losing emotional control.

How does the Adapt backpack do this?

*Designed with safety, comfort and durability in mind.
*Padded, adjustable shoulder straps and hip belt to provide calming, deep
pressure (hugging feeling).
*Reversible sequin strip to touch, fidget with and look at.
*Firm fabric elastic to pull on. Memory foam “pads” to squeeze.
*Sensory toy to chew on.
*Easily accessible slip pocket to store chewy toy when not in use.
*Designated holes for earphones cable allows phone or music player to be
stored safely in the backpack while using the earphones.
*Padded slip pockets inside to hold iPad and phone.
*Large, ring zippers to promote independence in opening and closing the
zippers (taking possible fine motor challenges into consideration).
*Name tag to include emergency contact number.

The Adapt backpack in a nutshell:

We have carefully designed this backpack with the input from adults diagnosed with ASD, therefore aiming at addressing sensory needs and supporting individuals in a way that works for them. The Adapt backpack is not only designed to support and address needs, but also with visual aesthetics in mind – therefore ensuring that individuals wearing the backpack do not attract unwanted attention.

Even though the Adapt backpack was designed with autism and sensory needs in mind, it would be an ideal backpack for school, outings or even day trips for any child.

Don’t delay – these bags are going to be sold quickly! Find Adapt Sensory Range on Facebook or Instagram @adaptrange

You can also buy your backpack now (early bird special) on Etsy or Shopify!

-AIMS team

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