Our Autism Journey

Let’s do this! – Entry #16

April 2, 2017

It feels like we’ve had a busy, but productive week last week and I am feeling motivated and eager to make these changes. I made an appointment with Joe’s current playgroup where he started going not so long ago.

Joe’s teacher has been very supportive throughout and she arranged for me to meet with herself and the principal of the playgroup this morning before school.
I spoke to them and briefly mentioned what we have been through the last couple of weeks, I also spoke to them about the doctor’s recommendations and that we would need to start ABA therapy as soon as possible.

Both of them seemed quite taken by surprise. They admitted that they have seen some “red flags” (autistic traits) in Joe, but they felt that he was doing well in his group and that he has settled in, starting to enjoy the company of some of the other children. I had to agree with them. He has really started to show excitement about going to school as well.
But according to the professionals in the field it is really important to start intervention early and I had to trust that this was the best option for Joe at the moment. I told Joe’s teacher about Miracles and the setup they have at the centre and she seemed to feel better about the decision after hearing this. The principal also assured me that Joe is welcome to come back at any time if we changed our minds.

So all in all, the meeting went well. Today was Joe’s last day at his playgroup and tomorrow he goes to Miracles for an assessment.

I’ll keep you updated!