Karla Pretorius

Director & Co-founder

Karla is one of the two directors of AIMS Global and co-developer of AIMS support system. She started working in the field of autism and related conditions in 2004 and has played an instrumental role on an international level in advocating for autism (and all neurodiverse conditions) awareness, acceptance, and understanding.

Karla is a researcher in the field of psychology, specializing in autism and neurodiversity. She received a double Honours degree in Psychology in the US and South Africa as well as completed her Master’s degree in Psychology through the University of Stellenbosch as a Research Psychologist. She is also a registered therapist. 

Karla, together with her colleague, Nanette Botha, has presented in many countries, such as Denmark, South Africa, Indonesia, and Singapore, to name a few. They have collaborated with autism advocates and neurodivergent adults by providing a holistic support system that evolves as our understanding of autism and neurodiversity evolves.

She is a major role player in the neurodiversity revolution. Karla currently resides in Portugal but travels worldwide to work with clients. Her passion for neurodiversity drives her to continue learning from her amazing clients, their parents, autistic adults and professionals in the field.

She is well known and loved in the neurodivergent community as her passion for her work is evident in her determination to work with people in the field to better equip individuals in every way. Karla is also the Chief Clinical Officer of Tracto, a free parent companion app. 

Nanette Botha

Director & Co-founder

Nanette is one of the two directors of AIMS Global as well as the co-developer of the AIMS Support System. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and graduated with Cum Laude. Nanette is also Head of Training for Augmental Technologies, where she works on further developing Tracto, a free companion app for parents. 

Nanette has always had a passion for seeing children learn and grow. She started working with children diagnosed with autism and related disorders in 2007.

Together with Karla, she developed the AIMS Support System and plays an integral part in supporting families through AIMS Global and AIMS Online. Teaching children functional skills is something she feels very strongly about.

Having three kids herself, Nanette enjoys being creative in her approach and will make it her quest to teach children concepts through their interests. Her clients, the parents who work with her and all her colleagues, love her as she radiates positivity and strives to find a solution to any potential challenge.

Nanette is the face of AIMS Global where she presents various courses to equip parents in supporting their child at home and various environments.  She also presents courses for neurodivergent children, adolescents, and adults. 

Regine dela Cruz

HR Manager & Training

Regine leads the AIMS training for therapists, parents, nannies and au pairs and also works as the company’s HR Manager. Prior to pursuing a career in the autism and related conditions field, Regine worked as a registered nurse. Since 2015, Regine has devoted her time working with families and children on the autism spectrum and other developmental conditions. 

Her personal philosophy is to provide a safe and caring environment for every child with ASD (and related conditions) which AIMS Global and AIMS Online uphold. Teaching concepts in a safe and positive environment transforms a child to become confident and productive members of the society.

In addition to working individually with clients, Regine is also passionate about raising awareness and advocating for individuals diagnosed with various conditions, such as ASD, ADHD, SPD, etc. 

Daniel Morgan Jones

Autistic adult and Advisor for AIMS Global 

Dan is an absolute legend in his field (YouTuber and autism advocate). He continues to consult, as an advisor, with AIMS Global’s management team to ensure content is relevant, up-to-date and supportive of autistic individuals. We feel honored that Dan is supportive of our cause and a dear friend to the AIMS Global family. 

To contact Dan: 

IG & FB: @theaspieworld


Sarai Pahla

Autistic adult and Advisor for AIMS Global 

Sarai is an autistic adult and advocate. She is a qualified Medical Doctor and qualified from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She currently works as a medical translator (English, German, Japanese).  

Sarai translates autism-related articles from medical journals to readable and digestible “user-friendly” versions for AIMS Global and our community.  

Sarai and Karla focus on topics such as employment and relationships during their (free) live webinars and always welcome interaction from parents, neurodivergent individuals and professionals. 

Sarai’s ability to provide incredible insights into everything autism-related combined with her witty and caring personality have been instrumental to the growth of AIMS and our philosophy.  

To get into contact with Sarai, please visit her website: 

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