Meditation Strategies YOU Need!

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We all know it’s good for us to meditate for a few minutes a day, but HOW do we get our kids to practice meditation, or HOW do we make time for this? *Immersive meditation apps are GREAT – where you pretend to touch a stream, and the phone vibrates (for example). Balance has a few immersive meditations to see if you like this in your weekly or daily meditation schedule.

*5 minutes of meditation can be exciting, where you tell a story to follow different senses and become more attuned to your body and senses. Remember, all we want to do with meditation is make ourselves aware of our breathing, calm our mind a little and take note of all our senses. This doesn’t necessarily mean we all need to sit still and listen to specific bells – we can create our meditation practice.

*Focusing on breathing (through quiet games like a closed-eye charade) is part of meditation. Breathe like a bear, breathe like a snail, etc. *What other tips and tricks do you use to create space for daily meditation? Comment below and remember to follow for more ideas 🙂

Meditation is part of practicing mindfulness. One of the main reasons we want to encourage our children (and ourselves) to practice mindfulness is to help them become more aware of their surroundings, the people in them, and what is taking place around them. It’s something our children need to learn to start learning from their environment too.

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