AIMS Online


Affordable, effective and practical telehealth services!

One-on-one therapy is often recommended, but being charged per hour, can become expensive over the course of a few years. These services are often limited to specific areas or regions as well as limited for other reasons (for example the recent Covid-19 restrictions) AIMS Online has created a program for parents that is affordable, practical and sustainable.

We provide trained therapists and individualized programs for families, all available online. Our program supports the entire family by providing affordable therapy and at the same we generalize our knowledge and expertise to the family and the therapy partner – who can be your helper, a nanny or yourself. Our comprehensive training workshops are ongoing and ensures that therapy becomes less invasive and more generalized to the actual family members.

We believe that neurodevelopmental conditions can be complex, but that our kids, teens and adults can easily be related to, if certain strategies are implemented consistently. We provide training in these strategies and ensure consistency through supervised programs that are accredited.

We provide parents with comprehensive online support in terms of a dedicated therapist, an individual educational plan (IEP), profiles for your child and supervision of this entire program by highly skilled and experienced senior management.

Through decades of working in the field of special education, we have evolved our therapeutic model to fit each of our families’ needs. We understand that parents want their children to generalize skills learnt in therapeutic settings, to their home environment.

We have created an online support system where each family has a dedicated therapist that does therapy with the child in a virtual space. We only require a therapy partner who can help guide your child to engage with their dedicated online therapist.

This ensures that your child receives therapy wherever you are in real time, which in turn enables a child to generalize these skills to where it’s most needed – at home and in everyday life activities.

AIMS Online therapists not only assist with therapy and help create individualized strategies and resources for your child, he/she also works closely together with your own supervisor to create an IEP. Goals are continuously updated and tailor-made for your child and family.

Our goal is for each child to learn in his/her natural setting and immediately utilize these skills in a functional manner. We include activities that are practical and fun to keep our children entertained online, while learning concepts that are functional for their development and independence.


Schedule a free call with one of our senior management staff to discuss your child and family’s specific needs. We will discuss the process and how to start therapy today!


We offer comprehensive training to your chosen therapy partner who will guide your child through the online sessions with an AIMS dedicated therapist online.


We will send through a free starter pack to help you from today. Let us know if you need specific suggestions and we can send through more free resources.


We have a database of experienced AIMS dedicated therapists that are all ready to start conducting online sessions with your child and your chosen therapy partner.


We only utilize HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) approved platforms for therapy and communication to ensure utmost confidentiality with all our clients’ information.


ALL AIMS programs and therapy options are supervised by qualified professionals. Supervisors observe live sessions and videos and provide feedback reports to ensure continuous updates to programs.


$ ENQUIRE Per Month
  • 1.5 Hours Daily Support
  • Monthly Supervision
  • Comprehensive Training (therapy partner)
  • Dedicated Therapist
  • IEP (Individual Educational Plan)
  • Daily Lesson Plans
  • General reports every second month
  • Free Resources
  • Parent Starter Packs
  • HIPAA Compliant platforms


$ ENQUIRE Per Month
  • 3 Hours Daily Support
  • Weekly Supervision
  • Supervisors will give individualized feedback on videos
  • Videos of sessions are shared with parents
  • Comprehensive Training (therapy partner)
  • Dedicated Therapist
  • IEP (Individual Educational Plan)
  • Daily Lesson Plans
  • Reports every month
  • Individualized session update notes every month
  • 1 hr weekly offline support from dedicated therapist
  • Full progress reports every 6 months
  • Team meetings (therapist, supervisors)
  • Free Resources
  • Parent Starter Packs
  • HIPAA Compliant platforms


We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions, but feel free to send us an email should you need more information.
Does online therapy work?
Yes. If done correctly that includes experienced therapists who follow a comprehensive program. Have a look at this blog that might offer you some peace of mind:
What are the benefits of online therapy compared to in-person therapy?
It’s more affordable and sustainable. Karla, one of our directors completed a thesis where she asked some of our current clients what are the benefits of hiring a full-time therapist and there were plenty of these. The one challenge was that parents noted that the cost of therapy is not sustainable. What if you need therapy for your child for more than a year? We want to empower you to be able to train someone up (with our help) that is affordable and who can generalize what we teach our therapists to do. Basically, we created a sustainable and effective program to help families all over the world.
Will 1.5hrs or 3hrs not be too little support?
We suggest starting with the premium option of 3hrs of contact with your dedicated therapist. We have found though with our current online clients that the success of this program is when the family has a therapy partner who can generalize what the AIMS therapist (online) teaches and implements within the sessions. Remember that this therapy partner can be you, a nanny, au pair, a friend that is willing to support your family or a volunteer from a University. We will provide comprehensive and ongoing training, to equip this person to support your child and family effectively.
Can I change options from in-person to online or the other way around?
Of course! We want what is best for your child and you. If you start with online therapy and you feel you need an in-home person, we can discuss the options that are right for your family. Make contact with us - we are here to help and discuss the options. At AIMS we work together with families as we believe a team is better than a single unit.
What is the process to start services?
Schedule a call with us and we can start the process. We can’t wait to meet you, your child and the entire family!