About our recruitment services:

We understand that some families might have services in place already – such as a supervisor for their child’s program, a speech therapist, occupational therapist and possibly a school. These families might only require an affordable, yet experienced therapist. We have created an option where we recruit a therapist who might already be on our database with the required experience and personality to work with your child and become part of your team of professionals. We source the best possible candidate for your child and family and then charge a recruitment fee. The process is the same, we will schedule an initial conference call to discuss your specific needs as a family and then send a shortlist of potential candidates who you can interview.

Who are recruitment services for?

For the family that already has a carefully selected team of professionals working with their child and only requires a dedicated therapist with the experience and passionate personality their child deserves.

FAQ about recruitment services

We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions, but feel free to send us an email should you need more information (

How much does it cost to recruit a therapist through AIMS?
We charge a once off fee to recruit the best-fit candidate to work with your child. After a year and should the therapist continue for another year, we charge only 20% of their annual remuneration. During the third year, should you continue with the same therapist, we do not charge any fees. We are also able to offer you advice on what a therapist is expected to receive as a salary, which you can discuss with her/him privately.
What if my therapist, for some reason, is not a good fit?
This does not occur often, but we always want to provide peace of mind to all our families. We offer a 2 months trial period where you can ask to change therapists and we do not charge for this switch. Please do keep in mind that this option depends on the availability of another therapist at that specific time with the experience that is right for your child. We are always available to speak about this option, should it be necessary.
What’s the process to start services?
Click “I’m interested” above and we can start the process. You will be invited to a free conference call with one of our directors - Karla Pretorius and we will send a guidelines document to you to help guide you along to start with therapy and supervision ASAP.