About our supervisors and the supervision they offer:

All our supervisors are highly experienced therapists that have been through at least 5 years of autism-specific training and have conducted therapy in a variety of settings, with various children. We offer supervision as part of ALL our programs as we understand, not only by law, but also in practice how crucial it is to combine a passionate therapist with an experienced supervisor that is equipped to keep goals and programs updated, include various and effective strategies as well as offer the highest level of support to families and therapists on a continuous basis.

Supervisors are cherry-picked as we only train therapists by invitation. Karla and Nanette have supervised all the children’s programs for many years when they started AIMS Global as they wanted to perfect the training that the supervisors go through. Supervisors are individuals who are able to problem-solve in real life and offer practical solutions and effective strategies when you need these most.

Families can choose their (in-person or online) therapists from a shortlist of most appropriate candidates (chosen by Karla and Nanette), but supervisors are assigned to different children’s programs according to their expertise and background. We carefully select who will fit your child’s and your needs the best before you are assigned a supervisor.

Supervisors do observations of your child’s sessions with his/her therapist through live conference calls. The supervisor then does updates to your child’s program and sends a detailed Ongoing Report to you and the therapist. This report can be sent to other team members, such as a Speech therapist, Occupational therapist, Pediatrician or teacher at school. The supervisors also provide continuous feedback to all information and videos requested from the therapist for your child’s program. The therapist is in constant communication with his/her supervisor to establish if the manner in which they include the strategies suggested is successful. There is a constant focus on changing or adapting strategies to fit each child’s specific needs. The supervisors are also able to offer additional parent, professional or helper training, if needed.

Who are our supervisors for?

Everyone. We believe in quality programs and evidence states that these programs are supervised by a qualified professional. We have always believed in working to create affordable rates, but we know where we can cut costs and where not. We have seen through the years what a difference it makes if a program is supervised by a dynamic supervisor compared to a program that might be stagnating due to the lack of knowledge of a holistic program and curriculum-based goals.
We do understand that families have various services that they are considering and thus, we have opened an option of recruitment, where we place a therapist (for a once off fee) and the family continues with their current supervisor. Please refer to our “recruitment” page for more information on this option. We want whatever is best for you and your child, as long as that includes high quality individuals and programs that are fun, functional and effective.

FAQ about supervisors & supervision

We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions, but feel free to send us an email should you need more information (

How much does supervision cost?
Nothing extra! All our programs and options include supervision costs!
What do I receive from my supervisors?
You will receive a supervisor assigned to your child and family. The supervisor works closely with the therapist to ensure that programs and goals are kept functional and up to date. Supervisors send observation notes or an Ongoing Report to parents and the therapist working with your child, after every observation. This supports therapists by giving them practical strategies to support the child while at the same time providing parents with an overview of the sessions and the goals that the child is working on. Sessions that the supervisor observes, are also recorded and the video recording is shared with parents together with the observation notes or Ongoing Report.
Can I speak to my supervisor personally when I start services?
Of course! Our supervisors are available to schedule conference calls with you if you want to discuss additional feedback. Remember you will receive comprehensive feedback in terms of ongoing reports, observation notes and video recordings of all supervised sessions. If you want to schedule an additional conference call there is a charge of 120 USD/hour though. We don’t anticipate many additional calls needed with the amount of feedback that you will receive.
What's the process to start a service?
Click “I’m interested” above and we can start the process. You will be invited to a free conference call with one of our directors - Karla Pretorius and we will send a guidelines document to you to help guide you along to start with therapy and supervision ASAP.