Sensory Backpack

The Best Sensory Backpack

Provides tactile, auditory, visual and proprioceptive sensory input - all in one bag

Benefits of The Adapt Sensory Backpack

Sensory input all around

The Adapt sensory backpack provides tactile, visual, auditory, proprioceptive, and auditory input all in one go! Your child might not need all this input right now, but we made sure they are covered when they do!

Ideal for any child

It has been carefully designed with input from Occupational therapists, adults on the autism spectrum, and professionals to not only provide the input your child requires, but it doesn't stand out - it's truly a "cool" bag!

Sequins for a tactile twist

There is a funky sequin strip which change colors as your child glides through this with their fingers when they require that extra bit of visual stimulation. Imagine how easy transitions will be from one environment to another.

Memory foam to squeeze

There is a memory foam pad to squeeze when your child might feel anxious or excited. According to research this type of input drastically decreases "challenging behaviors" when a child feels overwhelmed.

Chewy toys & padded hip belts

We included a chewy toy (lego design, of course) for your child's oral motor skills needs and the extra thick hip belts will ensure your child feels safe, secure and calm throughout their day.

iPad safety & much much more!

There is a specifically designed slip pocket for your child's possible device to be safely stored and holes for headphones to keep it detangled and safe. Many more features make the Adapt Sensory Backpack a necessity for ANY child!

Parents Recommend Adapt

"My son is seemingly calmer when he uses the Adapt bag. He is able to sustain a few trips to the supermarket and didn't mind us greeting some friends there too! We never forced him to join us at the shops, but now it seems he wants to join us!"
Mom of 5yrs old son, diagnosed with ASD and sensory processing disorder
"I can see the anxiety leave my daughter's body when she is able to squeeze and fidget all on the go with her Adapt bag - it's making a huge difference in transitioning between home school, outings, and therapy for us. Thank you, Adapt!"
Mom of a 4yrs old girl, diagnosed with ADHD

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