Our Autism Journey

The Conversation – Entry #11

September 14, 2019

I felt a bit silly when I woke up this morning – I stood in my ex’s arms and cried last night…for quite some time…

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, we had a really meaningful conversation so I guess Ryan didn’t mind the crying too much.

So to give you an update:

Ryan also did not like Dr. Brown’s attitude and what she said. He didn’t agree with her view of Joe’s future and he said that he will support me in finding a way of helping Joe. I admitted that I did not know what the next step was supposed to be so we spoke about that too.

The outcome of the conversation was this: I will do some more research to find another pediatrician specializing in autism and I will make an appointment to see him/her. I am also going to try and join an autism Facebook group or something in our area so that I can possibly ask there for some recommendations regarding a pediatrician.

I feel much better now that I have a new plan of action in mind!

Good night 🙂

PS. I can’t help wondering about Ryan just a little bit. I wonder whether he is seeing someone else at the moment?? I mean, not that it matters, of course, but, you know, just for interest sake.