The Perfect Environment ($99 Course)

Welcome to a game-changer course! We are excited to share this practical course with you as we are sure it will make an immediate difference in your family life.  We have included videos (nearly 2hrs!) of essential strategies to implement and provide you with free templates and resources to be able to do so today. 

Nanette Botha is your course instructor and she guides parents and professionals in creating the “nearly” perfect environment for any home, but more so a home with a child on the autism spectrum (or related disorder).  The videos are bitesize and she provides real-life examples of children that we work with. 

Nanette and I have worked with neurodivergent children for nearly two decades now (!!) and it always comes back to the same basic strategies that need to be implemented on a consistent basis.  As soon as we have these strategies, such as visual choice boards, visual schedules, creating a sensory corner, etc. in place, our children breathe, look, and ARE calmer.  If we ever believed in a “magic pill” it is to create an “autism-friendly” environment and then including concepts or goals – who doesn’t want a conducive environment before they start their day?!

Through our research when we launched this course, we realized that this environment is not only conducive to our children but also the entire family – so please don’t complain if everyone seems a bit calmer in your household.

And as always – please let us know what other courses you are interested in as we are keeping to our promise to creating the content our clients require!

Aim for AIMS!

Karla and Nanette

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