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About working with AIMS Global

Join our team to work with families all over the world to support them and their child diagnosed with ASD online or in person! Be part of this amazing transformation of the entire family. AIMS courses are accredited through IBCCES (USA) and offer you the opportunity to become an Autism Specialist.

Travel the world

You have two choices (or you can even choose to do both!) – either you become an online therapist or you work abroad as a “live-in” therapist. You also have the choice to start as an online therapist and then be placed abroad with the same or a different family. The opportunities are endless with AIMS Global.

High-quality training

AIMS Global is accredited by IBCCES to train therapists to work with children diagnosed with ASD. You will learn invaluable supportive techniques and treatment planning skills that will lead to a happier, more independent child and supported family dynamic.

Build invaluable relationships

While working and traveling abroad, you will have the rare chance to work with families and children who need you most. Immerse yourself in culture, family and new experiences.

FAQ about working with AIMS Global

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How much can I earn being a therapist?
We offer competitive salaries for our therapists! Your salary will depend on the type of therapy you provide (online or in person), your previous experience as well as the country that you are placed in (for in-person therapy) as we endeavour to take living expenses within the country into account.
What are the most common job settings I might be placed in?
This really depends on the type of support that the child (or family) needs. Some of our therapists go to school with a child in the morning and do afternoon sessions at the child’s home. Others do morning therapy sessions at home with community outings and social groups or playdates in the afternoon. Job settings may include 1:1 therapy sessions, school shadowing, community outings, playdates, family gatherings, birthday parties and social groups (to name a few).
What qualifications do I need to be a therapist?
Ideally, we are looking for individuals with a degree in psychology or special education as well as work experience in the field of autism.
What countries are you able to place me in?
We place therapists all around the world! Get in touch with us to find out where we are currently looking for therapists.
What is the age range of children you serve?
We offer support to families with children of all ages. Our youngest clients are around 2 years old and we provide support to older children, adolescents and even young adults. We will, however, take your previous experience into account when thinking about a possible family for you to work with.