To new beginnings!

At AIMS we decided that we needed a well-deserved break and that meant that we didn’t share blogs during the month of December.  We have received quite a few requests for topics, so don’t fear – we have plenty to share in the coming weeks! 

Firstly, thank you for staying in contact and sharing all the wonderful moments with your kids over the holidays! We have received beautiful photos of milestones reached and moments shared throughout the December.  Secondly, we hope this year is going to be calm and in a sense better than any year before for all our families.  

We have some exciting news to share with you! Our parents have asked us to help with sensory products and we have been hard at work to develop products that are right and needed for our kids.  The first product is a sensory backpack and we want to offer this to you at a discounted rate.  If you are interested in a beautiful sensory backpack that will provide the sensory needs your child requires, please let us know by doing the following: 

  1. Share this blog post 
  2. Like our IG page @aimsglobal
  3. Like our FB page: @aimsglobalautism 
  4. Comment on one photo on either social media page and tag #adaptsensorybackpack 

We will then provide you with an exclusive 10% discount when we release these “one of a kind” bags in the next month! 

Here is a sneak peek of what these bags look like:

If we don’t confirm with you that we received your tag, please email us to ensure you are on the 10% discount list! 

Thank you and get ready to go on these much needed outings with your little ones! 

Karla and the AIMS Team!

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