Wake up yoga!

I have such pleasure in introducing Sammy to the world. He is definitely special and have been with the AIMS family for a few years now – always making us smile with his quirky comments or beautiful laugh.

Kim, his therapist is just as special – she has dedicated her time to become Sammy’s friend and mentor. They have started their own yoga channel and we would love for you to join this free yoga journey of becoming mindful in a fun way!

Have a look at their latest video, by clicking here. Let Sammy and Kim guide you through their waking up yoga session. We are all in need of some sensory detox and this yoga series might be a perfect addition to you and your child’s special time together.

As always – we would love for you to let us know your thoughts and how yoga went with you and your young ones. Please share the love as Sammy would love to read your comments on his video!

Have a relaxed week,

Karla and the AIMS Team


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