For Families

We have the solution for taking a child on outings successfully!

July 24, 2020

We have worked for months on sensory products with a team of experts, including adults on the autism spectrum.  We are extremely excited to introduce our very first sensory product in a new range, Adapt, to you within the next couple of weeks.  

The number one question we used to get from parents is how to generalize what their child is learning in therapy or school to the home environment.  We then introduced AIMS Global’s full-time in-home therapist and that problem was solved.  Our therapists do an excellent job in generalizing what our kids are learning to all environments and helping parents out in the process.  

We then received queries from parents, especially during these times to request for online (telehealth) services and we transferred our programs, support and training workshops to become fully online through AIMS Online.  Our parents are happy, our children are doing well and enjoying their therapy, which honestly seems more like just one big party to us when we supervise their sessions – which is perfect! Learning while being happy is the only way children should learn! 

Our newest stream of enquiries have been specifically in countries that are slowly lifting the restrictions.  We are excited to go on outings with our children again! So, I can’t reveal the secret yet, although I definitely want to, BUT we have developed the perfect product that is sensory stimulating and ideal for any child going on an outing – keeping them engaged, happy and providing them the sensory input they require to stay regulated.  

Sound too good to be true? I dare you to prove me wrong once we release our first Adapt product.  

Keep a close eye on our social media pages as we will be launching this exciting product through a crowdfunding campaign, where you can grab one for your child or someone you know at a reduced rate.  We want to increase awareness of our product range as we know it’s successful and thus, we want to offer our followers first option of receiving these high quality products at a lower cost.  

We can’t WAIT for all our kids to go on outings, enjoying themselves and receiving exactly what they need, sensory-wise, to completely be present in these special moments! 

Speak soon, 

Karla & team